Protip: do not rob a person with a gasoline pump in their hand

That depends entirely on where you are. Many, if not most states have pretty strong regulations about this, not just CA.

This varies most, is that some states allow “grandfathered-in”, older gas pumps to continue operating, some don’t.

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Quick reflexes on that guy:


Yeah that was my thought. He knew exactly what was going on and didn’t miss a beat.




That’s not usually what they mean by the phrase “pump action”, but it worked out well.

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My oldest friend was being hassled, so she walked into the nearby corner shop (he even followed her in) and bought a can of hair spray. He kept on and kept on, saying really filthy things, so she took out her lighter. He still didn’t shut up, so she hipped him to an aqua net blowtorch. He STFU and skedaddled, probably thinking she was crazy for not falling into his arms as he began spewing his filth.

All blessings to your friend and mine :smiley:


You can pull the big collar back and it will still fill. You have to do the same thing to fill a lot of motorcycle gas tanks. It’s annoying.

California also have state specific gas cans and they’re terrible. You always end up spilling gas through the terrible system when a nice CA non-compliant tank will have a big locking valve on it that’s way less of a hassle and way more secure.



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