PSA: Take Your Borked Apple Gear to Best Buy

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My gig-lappy is so shut-down with malware…er…McAfee that I doubt the bestbuy folks would even be able to log into it without giving them passwords that aren’t supposed to be shared outside of the post-it notes in my office.

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Up until then I was thinking, “what, are you crazy? These are the same guys who bb has posted in the past about working with the government and not respecting your privacy. I wouldn’t trust them with my toaster.”


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My three-year old iPhone decided to die a couple months ago, which was pretty inconvenient. I spent two days running around to different service and sales providers to figure out what to do. Here’s basically how that went.

Best Buy

Repair Person: Hey man, what’s up?

Me : My phone isn’t turning on.

Repair Person : Okay, let me look at it. [Fiddles with it for 1 minute.] Yep, it’s dead.

Me : So….

Repair Person : Guess you are going to need a new phone.


T-Mobile Staffer : Hey man, what’s up?

Me : My phone isn’t turning on.

T-Mobile Staffer : Okay, let me look at it. [Fiddles with it for 1 minute.] Yeah, it’s dead.

Me : So….

T-Mobile Staffer: So here’s your options. [Explains how I can upgrade to the latest iPhone for a ridiculous amount of money for the next two years.]

Apple Store

Apple Store Aaron : Hi Rik, I’m Aaron, I’m going to be helping you today. What seems to be the problem?

Me : My phone isn’t turning on.

Aaron : I’m so sorry, that must be frustrating. Let me take a look. [Fiddles with phone for 10 minutes, explaining everything that he is attempting in incredible detail.] Yeah, it’s dead.

Me : So….

Aaron : So can I replace your phone right now with the identical model. It will cost you $300. How does that sound?

Me : I guess that is my cheapest option?

Aaron : I’m afraid so.

Me : Let’s do it.


Everything I need to know about Apple repair I learned from Louis Rossman. Which is: Best Buy, the Apple Store, and 99% of ‘repair’ shops will say “Yep, it’s broke. Want to buy a new one?” but sufficient skill can still make actual repairs cost-effective.


My iPad Pro red-screened the other day. I had Applecare. I knew it was unlikely that it was going to be fixable. The Best Buy was an hour closer than the Apple Store. I had a replacement iPad Pro in a week. All good!

I’ll say this- Best Buy is a ton better to shop out now than it was a decade ago.

Just fixed my daughter’s 5s sure it is cost effective but the repair is not a trivial job. I can see a motivation to not spend money on the labour in addition to trying to get the profits from selling a new one.

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