Public radio station in Washington state says it won't air Trump briefings because of 'false or misleading information'

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They should have started this literally years ago.

Glad at least someone is figuring out it’s much better to broadcast trump after the fact checking.

Used to listen to KUOW all the time. But the 2016 election has soured me on news in general.



no other Administration has been as transparent and as accessible as this one,

Well, that’s true, but not in the sense that the loyalty cult fuckwit meant.


Finally. I’m very tired of media apologists explain that if a president (or any elected official) makes a public statement, even if untrue, then it’s newsworthy.


I’m sure that’s ok with most of KUOW’s listeners. It’s the people who might drink aquarium cleaner that need this kind of filter.


Once upon a time untrue public pronouncements by elected officials WOULD have been newsworthy! Ah, the good old days.


Ba-doom tsss!
(Good one :slightly_smiling_face:)


If only Capitol Radio did that in Sacramento. I turn off stupid anyway.

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You mean desperate people who maybe can’t afford a doctor but aren’t as media savvy so expect that what they’ve heard on the news has a modicum of truth? Desperate people who hear that this is the exact same as the prescription drug and are hoping not to die?

I will call out and mock those in positions of power. I will not do the same to somebody scared who listened to what should be a reliable source but wasn’t.


I’m torn here. We need to able to witness his dumbfuckery, or it’ll start to get softer edges. However, he DEFINITELY needs fact-checks to a degree that is almost untenable.

The solution is to tape delay everything he does and call it out as he goes. Maybe it needs to be Pop-up Video style to appeal to short attention spans. Anything (ANYTHING) would be a step forward.


I can’t find the source, but the CBC was airing a WH briefing, cut to one of their reporters elsewhere, and then stated, “We will return to the White House if there is news to report.”


Ah, the Trump administration. Continuing to keep the ‘dys’ in dysfunctional.

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We should all send congratulations to them. But quickly. It appears that the FCC has withdrawn their license to operate and all funding has been cut off and their bank accounts were seized by the FBI – something about terrorist funding. Just kidding. Or was I?

Already preparing to blame the media for the spread of the disease.

Maybe it’s better to hear the raw briefings as opposed to the media playing an edited version that makes him sound more coherent and in control? :woman_shrugging:


Finally. When everything he says about the pandemic is either wrong or dangerous (or both) then frankly it seems irresponsible for news outlets to broadcast his bullshit. Play out what the scientists and other experts say and leave it at that.

And yeah, I get that it’s important for the sensible among us to know what shit he says and call him out on it with but there are far too many people who will listen to it and believe it.


I saw that yesterday morning… they also said, (roughly) “these are baffling and confusing statements by Trump”… “We will return to the White House IF there is news to report.”


KUOW is my local radio station. I love to call in and argue with bill radke, as he’s often wrong. Good ol often wrong Soong Radke. Wrong, not like he’s spewing lies on television & radio, but wrong, like his opinions are in need of improvement.

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