Puerto Rico Devastation


Just when I think that nothing he does can surprise me anymore, there’s this.

Inaccessible island? It’s a large fucking island in the middle of the Caribbean with an international airport and bustling sea ports.


IMO, there’s no way that he’s not a closet Holocaust Denier.


The “Lighthouse Project,” as it is called, was initiated by the Del Sol Foundation for Energy Security, which was founded by the German clean energy firm Sonnen, Inc., to oversee the construction of “humanitarian microgrids” as part of a Puerto Rico relief effort initiated last year.

The plan is to link 3,000 places of worship, schools, hospitals, and other venues to a so-called microgrid, which is essentially a self-sustaining energy system that is more resilient than a conventional electric grid.

The effort will begin by deploying solar and battery storage at 500 churches, essentially turning the places of worships into power plants that can sustain the nearby communities where they reside.




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