State of the Union Hypocrisy

I had the best intentions of watching the whole thing. I grew up in a political family; my dad worked on the hill for 40 years. I vividly remember my dad and I watching the speech every year as he would patiently explain the protocol and pomp and circumstance, providing context and clarity for what I was hearing. Last night I made it to this line and then turned it off, my boiled blood overflowing:

“To everyone still recovering in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, California, and everywhere else – we are with you, we love you, and we will pull through together.”

Buried in the news yesteday was, ridiculously unsurprisingly, this:

I weep for my republic.


We all do.


Maybe not everyone.

The article comes from false premises: the thing about Puerto Rico is that they are family, and Republicans are trying hard to pretend that they aren’t.

How about a bad analogy? “That poor lady that got hit by a car? You can’t just toss her a band aid and abandon her! It’s bad enough that you would do that to anyone, but that’s your sister! And you of all people have been preaching to all of us that we need to look out for our family!”
It’s making the inherent selfishness and hypocrisy even clearer.

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