Puerto Rico Devastation


Any of your shipping contacts have anything to say about Cruz?


Not personally, just that the politicians from stateside are starting to get in the way and the locals are getting pretty frustrated with the lack of things leaving the port - and that the federal disaster year re-starts today 10/1 so MAYBE things can start moving today. The Marines and FEMA are starting to use large military trucks to get things out to first responders.

Also, the teamsters local from my area is sending a sh**load of drivers down today.


Ana Navarro is not a centrist, she’s a career Republican functionary.


I’m including non-fascist ex-GOP amongst centrists these days.

I could be wrong, but I had the impression that Navarro had split from the party over Trump.

Wiki edit: yup.


Nah. She hates Trump, but ideologically is still aligned with the far right, surely shaped by her family background so unlikely to change on a whim. Get someone like Rubio at the front of the GOP and she’ll be all in.





Which of his 140 characters will we get today?


The best words, per usual.

Trump complains Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them"


Yes, that’s a very interesting and telling choice of words. Even though per usual I don’t think he has any actual idea what he’s saying.


I believe he is going down for a “President in the Rubble” moment, soon. I only hope he meets with the Mayor in range of a camera. For her sake, and ours, and oh dear jesus christ I just said I wanted to see him on camera.



Thanks to young people from Barranquitas who helped us connect families with diaspora and identify food/medication needs.

People, not politicians.


Spontaneous anarchist/socialist community support.


Y’all should read the whole thing, but this part caught my eye:

World’s biggest company town.






Snopes did some digging. So far, unproven but bad enough. (Reflect on the eight dead in a Florida nursing home just because they lost A/C. Then imagine grid-down on 3.4 million people.)