Puerto Rico Devastation


President seriously missed some heroic TV optics for himself and the USAF.



Good history piece:


Finally on the move:


I would be entirely unsurprised if the majority of Puerto Ricans demand independence soon, if they survive long enough to do so.

I’d also be unsurprised to see that demand met by martial law.





The worst is yet to come.


That’s some fine crisis management there.



Psychotically tone deaf centrists still at it:



From what I understand the staging of the enormous security advance crew is a real dog and pony show. Plenty of fuel for them! Stuff is getting into SJ, less so elsewhere.


Once (if) the crisis settles, there will be protests. And there is likely to be a heavily militarised response.


Yeah maybe, but the sky already fell there.




Trumpists working hard to discredit Yulin Cruz. The “police call” being pushed on right wing media is a bit too perfectly targeted at fascist sensibilities (“it looks like Communism” etc) to be credible, to my ear.

It’s a long way away, though. Fuck knows what’s actually happening on the ground.


3.41 million Americans know what’s happening on the ground.