Puerto Rico Devastation


One step forward.

45 giant leaps backward.


Under the Trump doctrine, can’t they just say “The administration didn’t do a good job, so I’m not going to pay or I’m going to pay less.”?


Yes they would.


Worth reading entire article. Only further cements Trump’s rep as an out of touch, lying, loser of a prez:



Fascists lie about everything.





Puerto Rico is not impoverished, dominated and devastated due to the actions of Puerto Ricans, or due to natural forces. American colonialism made it that way.




Savage’s is deleted now, too. No apology.

Edit: actually, no. Savage is still defending his shit.


I especially love the “nobody thought it would be so bad” defense. I mean, FFS, I was watching the Weather Channel several days before Maria made landfall and they were all but guaranteeing catastrophic damage to PR.

Maybe if NOAA hadn’t had their budget slashed, someone could have warned them.


Where’s George Soros when you need him?




Not my photo, saw it online. This is today.


Last I heard, the docks were covered in containers, but there were no trucks or fuel to move it anywhere.


That’s what this looks like to me. And an operational power plant with no grid to plug into.


Maddow last night was talking about hospitals and clinics shutting down due to lack of fuel for generators.

The sort of thing that could be rapidly solved by helicopter or Osprey airlift of fuel.