Puerto Rico to dismantle its statistics agency in the midst of radical shock doctrine project


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I guess we’ll never know now! :disappointed_relieved:


Statistically it’s possible.


There’s your problem. Statistics bureaus often end up collecting statistics that disprove the statements of TPTB. Increasingly, it’s becoming difficult to keep those embarrassing numbers under wraps.

It’s not an accident that lack of faith in the government and suspicion of the census is higher than in 1066. Ironically, things like the FB/CA or the credit bureau debacle help convince people that data shouldn’t be collected or kept at all, even those people who normally aren’t suspicious of government.

Which leads to those same PTB able to screw people over with zero transparency.

Basically, PRIS was too good at its job, and therefore must go.


It’s been “retired.”


Some people say that you adjust your opinions to fit the facts, but others believe the opposite.


So if I understand this correctly, an agency that has only been around for 10 years is being dismantled to save money for recovery from a truly exceptional disaster.


The key question is, will this accelerate the restoration of basic services?


dismantled to save money suppress awareness of corruption and malpractice.


Puerto Rico is the test lab for what is to come in the US later on.


we’re not meant to know.


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