Pumpkin Tap turns pumpkin or watermelon into keg


Mightn’t the pumpkin flesh have some effect on the flavour of the beer? I guess that could be a good or bad thing depending on what you happen to be drinking.

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I think you’d have to let it soak for a while to get the pumpkin to actually impart some of its flavor, and even then you’d have to slosh it around to make sure the flavor was distributed evenly. Or you could cut out the middleman and simply get one of the dozens of pumpkin ales on the market.

Turning a pumpkin into a beer keg seems like it would be more about aesthetics than actual taste.

Somehow I think it might be a bad idea to put a carbonated beverage in a gourd, unless you’re going for a surprise scare for your halloween party when the keg explodes.

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For a Halloween party an exploding pumpkin keg sounds like an awesome idea. But I wouldn’t want to waste the beer. Instead I think I’d partly fill the pumpkin with some diet Coke and rig up some sort of timer that would drop in Mentos at a specific time.

I could go as Gallagher’s magician twin–the one who don’t need no stinkin’ Sledge-O-Matic!

It’s not going to stay carbonated for very long - the CO2 should diffuse out without too much difficulty. You wouldn’t be hooking up a CO2 tank, you’re serving it as if it was a cask, so I can’t imagine any situation where you’d have an explosion.

I’d hope that the pumpkin flavor was not imparted too much - raw pumpkin isn’t all that appealing to me. Most “pumpkin” beers don’t have any pumpkin in them anyway, just spices; pumkin’s not a particularly noticeable flavor by itself, and it’s a PITA to mash.

I did this last year ( with a $4 tap from my local home brew shop)… There definitely was a little pumpkin flavor (and a few flakes of pumpkin, depending on how thoroughly it is cleaned out) imparted in the beer.
We drank quickly after filling it up so as not too lose the carbonation (and there was no chance of exploding).
Also, a pumpkin can hold more beer than you think. My medium sized pumpkin was still less than half full after pouring a 12 pack in.

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I guess that’s true. If you don’t have the thing sealed then you won’t have to worry about explosions, just flat beer.

Think of it as a bright orange pitcher of beer, not as a keg. It’s ok if it’s not air-tight, because you’re not going to store beer in it for very long.

So how do you hollow out a pumpkin and keep it airtight?

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