Punishment: regular people vs. famous people


This also needs to include doing things that aren’t really terrible at all, but that are for some reason unacceptable for celebrities to do, but normal people do all the time - for example, have sex.

Celebrity is weird.


Well sex wih you may not be terrible, but with some people it’s simply awful.


So, what’s an example of a chart point 2/3rds of the way between “Saying something terrible.” and “Doing something terrible.”? Trained mandrill, emasculate!

Sadly, this chart tragedy would be easily solved by swapping “Saying something terrible.” and “Famous Person” and likewise “Doing something terrible.” and “Regular Person”.


It might be better, but would still involve a false continuum of saying terrible things merging into doing terrible things, which is the main problem with the graph. I understand how regular person->famous person is a continuum (there are different levels of fame).

No, the line is just where a specific thing plots against the axes, which are both spectra.

Why is the red line not horizontal?

Perhaps - my feeling has always been that fame is illusory. Having heard somebody’s or something’s name does not mean that you really know anything about it. The flaw is that people assume familiarity where it does not exist.

When in doubt, pedant.

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Celebrity is just something society as a whole can gossip about. On a local level, people gossip just as much about the sex lives of their non-famous neighbours and coworkers as they do about celebrities. And there are plenty of examples of non-famous people being fired for being in sex tapes, while for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham, and Paris Hilton having a sex tape turned out to be good business.

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With sex, it may be possible to confuse the terrible with the merely horrible.

Not that I’d know anything about that.

Sex is like a pizza. Even a bad one is a good one.

Maybe it depends on how hungry you are?

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