Putin: Give Sepp Blatter the Nobel; Trump should be president


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Another instance of big VVP being able to effortlessly master anything. This time it’s pro-level trolling!


How many US Presidential candidates can say they have the endorsement of Vladimir Putin AND most high-profile white supremacist groups?


I’d really like to know what Donnie thinks of this endorsement. Obviously, Putin would love him to win because he could play him like a fiddle, but does Trump realize that?


I’ve ended up in a different universe. And out of the multitude I’ve landed in the one that’s silly but not quite silly enough.


Perhaps Putin considers himself obliged to consider the putative values behind the Nobel Peace Price and American republicanism to be illusory, ,If the Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless, why not give it to a complete scoundrel? If the Presidency is merely the figurehead for the “hegemon”, why not a fascist?


But surely, Putin must be aware this has a kiss of death air to it, no?

Or is there, heaven forbid, any reason to believe his endorsement will score Trump points with some Republicans?


why would you think that? Republicans admire Putin.


I see that Obama’s been taking notice too.





Russian Mustard isn’t yellow



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Apparently so.


The Russian to English translation is: Poop Brown Mustard, use only when “Russian Yellow Mustard” is gone.


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the label is in English


What’s your point?