Putin just demonstrated how a leader can constitutionally lock himself into power forever

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Be assured, the GOP is taking notes :ru:



Key phrase. You think decades of employment in a paranoid police state apparatus sticks with you or not?



You’re state must be pretty weak if it can’t handle a change in power. Looks like another Russian revolution is brewing…


Naw they all seem to love their strong arm putative dictators

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Only Communists oppose this:

During the third and final reading in the State Duma on Wednesday, parliamentarians passed the bill amending Russia’s basic law in a 383-0 vote with 43 abstentions – all MPs from the opposition Communist Party. …
The only member of the body who voted no was the representative from the Irkutsk region Vyacheslav Markhaev, of the Communist Party. Three more abstained - Lyudmila Narusova (Tuva), Vasily Ikonnikov (Oryol Oblast) and Valery Usatyuk (Khakassia). The latter pair are also Communist Party members.


I love how it is 383-0. Then they mention the person who voted no; but there is still that zero there, which tells me everything I need to know about how free this vote was…


In Russia voting against Putin can be bad for one’s health.


Doesn’t happen. Not even once. There are no bodies to prove otherwise.


He voted no, but a call from his wife convinced him that he was mistaken. Good news, she survived.


I think we all get the presidency we deserve. If Traitor Trump decides to make his presidency permanent, it will only happen because the American people do nothing about it. I am a coward. I will take every possible peaceful, legal action against the Trump Regime, but that’s all.

And that’s clearly not enough. I deserve whatever Traitor Trump does to me. Frankly, I’ve resigned myself to dying in the Trump World War for the last three years now, but it’s looking like the Trump Plague and the Trump Collapse of Civilization are just as likely.

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Tr can remain in power if a state of emergency is declared which suspends the election…


Odds that Putin becomes the first person to have (or at least try to have) their consciousness implanted in a cyborg to rule Russia in perpetuity? I mean, it sounds loony on its face, but it’s probably a non-zero chance, right?

Stalin sure would have done it had it been available, and who the hell knows what he’ll push his $200b(!) fortune toward in the next twenty years?

There is no way Cheeto would tolerate anyone seemingly being above him. He is to narcissistic for that.

Expect absolute chaos when he finally goes. There’s no succession planning in Putin’s world…

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Communists are the “tolerated” opposition. They are too weak to do anything and if they were ever needed by Putin, he cows them into submission. As it is, they are there as window dressing so that the Dumas doesn’t look so much like North Korea.


Plus nostalgia for the good old days of the USSR is a big part of Putinism, so he has to give real Communists a little breathing space.

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