Putin ready to sue: Harry Potter's Dobby looks too much like me


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It’s not April 1st, right? I didn’t just blank out for seven months?


What? The link is to an unattributed quarter-page article posted in 2003. Slow news day, yes, but this is ridiculous.


I just checked the date myself. Maybe it’s 10-Year-Old News day or something.


This is how rumors get started…Oh, I see what you did. Carry on.

Did someone dig up an old Onion article by accident?


But it’s very difficult for courts to rule on them; lots of experts have to be called in.

I’m imagining all the experts huddling around a picture of Dobby, then glancing at Putin and snickering.


The last paragraph of the article gets it wrong, though. Gollum doesn’t look like George W. Bush; he looks like Dick Cheney. Reference: http://entmoot.tolkientrail.com/archive/index.php?t-7087.html


Have all the world’s leaders finally gone completely, batshit insane? I guess it was just a matter of time, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be happening in my lifetime. The only reason these crazies haven’t been able to send us all into another world war by now is probably because of the Internet.


“Master has provided Putty with… clothes?”


Dobby smiled entirely too much to ever be compared to Putin. Not long after he first became president the library where I worked got a pictorial biography of Putin, and we played “Find the smile”.

He was only smiling in one picture, where he was looking at someone’s baby. And even there he was probably thinking, “Mmmm. Veal.”

Putin is too vain to ever think that he resembles Dobby.

Was it “Take Grandma To Work Day” at the BB office? She’s a dear, but she still needs to stop forwarding this kind of rubbish.


falls out of his chair laughing

Actually Dobby should be the one suing Putin for looking like him. If Dobby wins Putin will have to wear a paper bag over his head at any public appearances.

No bad, Cory, if it makes people laugh :smiley:

I am beginning to believe Boing Boing is very gullible. But still very entertaining.

I bet he’d still be shirtless.

Why would you put it past the nut? We’re talking about this same maniac, correct? The guy who got his panties all in a bunch over a painting of him in women’s underwear? I mean, what sort of person in his position of power has got time for that kind of crap aside from Kim Jong-un?

Just because it’s plausible, doesn’t mean it’s true. A ten-year-old story with only the sketchiest of attributions is suddenly given a new lease on life as blogs around the globe assume, if it’s on Boing Boing, it must be a Fact.

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