Pygmy marmosets devouring grapes

Anything involving pets and “land on your face” has got to be bad on many levels.

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I’d like to request a Bad Lip Reading version of this, please.


Our puppy does it all the time.
Sometimes it’s not too bad.

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  1. Posting cutie videos of captive primates without context is wrong. Boing Boing can and should do better.

  2. Good for the zoo if they are purchasing habitat in South America to preserve wild populations. Otherwise, displaying captive primates gets them no points.

  3. Here’s what the San Diego Zoo has to say about Pygmy Marmosets:

“If the current rate of habitat destruction can be slowed, these tiny monkeys will have a big chance at long-term survival in their forest home. Their largest threat is the pet trade, due to their tiny size, cuddly appearance, and appealing face. We cannot express this enough: monkeys do not make good pets. The United States has banned the import of primates, and most South American countries don’t allow primate exports anymore.”

That’s a big if. Pygmy Marmosets have become a fad pet in China. How do you think that’s going to work out for them?

Again, fuck gratuitous, context-free cutesy videos of captive primates.


Can’t see this without imagining Picard “de-evolving”…


That’s nightmarish.

A ‘species of least concern’. Well that’s just dandy then, carry on. WTF? Species of least concern? How fucking arrogant can humans be? I can only find some solace in that global warming will most likely cause humans to go extinct, but mother earth will continue and life will continue. It’s all the innocent species we will take with us that makes me angry and sad.

That last one looks like he’s saying, “Blah, blah, blah, blah.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Least Concern is the IUCN designation for species that are not on the conservation red list

If non-human species are your big concern, then I’m not sure why you’d be pissed at the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They do good work


M1: “Hmm. A touch brawny on first bite… but it does finish well.”
M2: “Shut your pie-hole and keep chewin’.”


This definitely includes possums. Speaking from experience. They love to eat weed, in it’s fresh or dry forms, and are very good at opening things to get it.


Who said I was pissed at IUCN? Did I say that? No. I didn’t even know who they were until now. But the very fact we have a category of non-human species listed as ‘least concern’ is maddening. If you can’t understand that, well it’s par for the course.

“we” don’t designate species as least concern - the IUCN does. If you are mad about the term “least concern” then you are mad at the IUCN. You, a person who cares about nature, are mad about the specific words used by the most influential and successful conservation organization in the world. Which you had never heard of.

Human extinction may come soon, or later, but in the meantime, instead of working yourself into a rage, why not educate yourself about the organizations that are actually doing something to preserve endangered species. Maybe you could channel your passion into something more productive than idly wishing for the death of billions of humans


Your pet getting into your stash is definitely a turnoff.

Then again, I have trouble with the concept of pets that if seen outside one’s home would be considered vermin. Ones you would call an exterminator for if you saw wild versions living in your basement. (Rodents, Possums, muskrats, skunks, squirrels…)

They might not be a cause for concern, but that “rn” at the end of “concern” is a cause for kerning. :wink:

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