QAnon influencer's "royal decree" backfires, leaving follower homeless

Yah, I think it can go back and forth too. Like the grifter starts out self aware, but then starts to drink their own kool-aid. You see this with a lot of religious cults. Or they start out earnestly thinking they have something but when it falls apart they start grifting to keep it going. You see this with psychics and alt-med people.


An in-law fell into an obvious-grift church years ago. My first choice would be that they never fell in. My second choice is that it continues to be run by grifters, because I’d rather they lose money than switch to full-on end times mode. I’m hoping the grifters in charge keep their business sense. Meanwhile, we’re keeping channels open and being patient and sympathetic with the in-law, waiting for the day they have questions.


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