QAnoners are drinking bleach from a communal bowl

Brilliant image! I love Nathan Fillion!


This is the same shit the autism con artists were pitching as a cure for autism almost 10 years ago.


Banksy needs to depict this on a wall somewhere in Dallas and title it “The Last Communion.”


And they aggressively reject any notion of help, since they’re going do to their own [confirmation bias] “research” about the sky being blue and the earth being round…


Since QAnon followers swear that Trump is revered but is not their “leader”, and Q himself hasn’t poked his head out in forever, I really believe that half their batshit ideas come from drunk college students who don’t believe at all, but are saying “Let’s see if they buy into this one.” Sure enough, some of them do, and by the time it gets handed around, no one knows where that gospel came from.


Or just a carnival spinner.


side note: i gotta stand up for real eggnog. real eggnog is fantastic. (and i’m not talking that stuff in cartons and jugs in the store.)

i now return you to your bleach-based conversation.


You are 100% right on the money with this and I would guarantee any such proposal would be fought against tooth and nail by the right. It stuns me to think of how people can totally embrace the desire to maintain ignorance over information. I guess after decades of being fed pablum on TV and now the internet many people simply refuse to do any amount of thinking whatsoever. Perhaps it’s got to do with a fear of being wrong. Maybe the need to say I made a mistake just keeps people in a lockset of denial. Fucker Carlson told me how to think and that’s all I need. When information had to be sought out by reading books and asking learned individuals you had more invested in your “facts”. Making sure you were well researched had a certain amount of pride. Personal integrity played a role in your beliefs.
Or maybe I’m just scapegoating modern media. Dumbassism may have always been as cherished as it is now. Snakeoil salesmen often had plenty of customers as long as they didn’t count on repete sales.


“A group of people in a cult drinking a communal substance is definitely not something to mess around with and is extremely concerning,” Rothschild said.

Maybe it’s not the communal drinking that’s the issue.

(I have issues with Christianity, but this isn’t one of them)


Probably perfectly fine for this group. I’m sure that the mixture has been formulated by graduates of the Medical College at Trump University. It might be better if they spiked the punch with a hefty dose of methanol. Great kick!



I know you don’t intend it this way, but stop blaming teachers. Our school system has plenty of issues, but it generally does teach science, critical thinking, and emotional-social intelligence. It was never really bad at these things but is actually generally a lot better than when most of us were kids. To be clear: there are still problems there is still inequality, and there is still ignorance taught as virtue. We can and should still strive to do better. But both the high and the low end has gotten better in the last few decades.

A lot of the problems with this come from the environment outside the school. The best science program in the world is going to loose more often than it wins when fighting for a kid who goes home and their parents openly disparage “book learning” and “scientists” and say all you need is “common sense” (aka, my predjudice I don’t want to have to justify), have fox news playing in the back ground all evening, then go to church on the weekend and their pastor says a bunch of fucked up shit.

There is an anti-intellectual sentiment in the US that cuts across race, class, region, and political party (although the modern GOP has weaponized it to an extent that goes far beyond anyone else) and our educational system is one of its victims more than its cause.


[cheesy announcer’s voice]But wait! There’s more![/cheesy announcer’s voice]


Well, I guess the expression “drinking the kool-aid” needs an update…

When did Jim Jones become a metphor for the entire Republican party?

I think we may actually be past that point already. (Only it’s red hats as the fashion choice.)

Worse, 4chan (and the like).

We don’t even have to speculate - some years back the Texas Republican party enshrined their opposition to teaching critical thinking in their party platform. They just come right out and say it.


Well, if the grift runs out, apparently all you need to do is wait long enough and re-run it to catch a new litter of suckers.





A communal bowl?



Covid continues to spread. Clearly they aren’t drinking enough.

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“Bartender, get me a Sex on the Bleach”