Quarantine survival advice from Buzz Aldrin and other astronauts

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Buzz giving Cheetolini the stink eye, awesomeness.



Although I consider him one of the coolest person alive ever, I wince with the whale shark grabbing thing. I have done tours swimming with them and its not cool to harass them. Those giant fish are annoyed enough with boats and swimmers disrupting their feeding efforts. They don’t need to be manhandled.

Not cool.

Being the guy in the Gemini program who worked out how to perform tasks in zero-G without vomiting
Walking on the moon with Apollo 11
Punching a moon landing denialist
Appearing on The Simpsons, Dancing with the Stars and 30 Rock

All wonderful and cool.


While I appreciate the quarantine advice from Colonel Aldrin (one of my personal heroes) and others, I think my real quarantine problem right now is anxiety. Will I lose my job? Will the economy collapse, leaving my savings a moot point. Will society collapse, turning temporary shortages at the grocery store into permanent famine because no one is producing or shipping food?

Worse, will the second shoe drop? We’re all pretending as though the Republican Coronavirus (and let’s face it, kids – Traitor Trump owns this goddamn thing now) is our biggest problem. But what if this is the Year of the Jackpot, and we’re only at #1 in a longer list? I mean, the Traitor In Chief almost started World War III earlier this year, and it’s only March.

Closer to home, what happens if you manage to dodge the GOP Flu but still break your leg? Do you really want to go to any hospital or clinic right now? Aside from the fact that penny-pinching has turned these places into disease factories (you don’t hire the most competent caregivers for minimum wage), would they even have the resources to deal with you?


He also had a cameo in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and is still alive.


I can forgive him for that as well.


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