"Questions linger" after Connecticut cops shoot man dead in his bed

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Yet another cold-blooded murder by the Blue Klux Klan, the largest, most heavily-armed and most violent gang in the world.


Really starting to think American cops think “escalation” and “de- escalation” work the same way as “flammable” and “inflammable”.


It’s just a few bad apples. So given the original saying we really should throw out the whole barrel, it’s rotten.


“In yet another bizarre coincidence, police happened to be present while a man died. The medical examiner later found numerous metal fragments in the man’s body. It is unclear where the fragments came from. Police have closed the investigation into the man’s mysterious, unexplainable death.”


He appears to have fallen on some bullets.



And qualified immunity is the worst legal theory right behind the Major Questions “doctrine.”


Cops only provide end-of-life medicine. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:


You call 988, the suicide hotline, not 911.
That way, if they send cops, the cops know the deal when they get there.


At least in Washington state (988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline) that’s not what that hotline is for - that’s for people with suicidal urges to find someone to talk to, absolutely not the hotline for ‘someone just shot himself and we need medical assistance immediately’.

Like yeah, it sure sucks that the phone number for ‘I need an ambulance’ is the same one for ‘I’d like to be shot dead in my home’, but that doesn’t make a suicide hotline somehow the right one, and calling them very well might not produce the result you want, because at best they’re likely to just contact 911 for you and adding a step of separation and delay is unlikely to help anything.


If the sister gave Dispatch reason to believe there was a gun involved or a shooting or a gunshot victim, they would have sent in police first to assess and secure the scene. That always comes first, and nothing else is gonna happen till then.

EMS would not go in there until the police told them it was safe for them to enter.

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… and by shooting the poor man, the scene is safe and EMS is no longer needed. /sarcasm

In all seriousness: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK.


Somehow copes going into a home, and a bedroom; and murdering a person in bed is accepted as normal, or even brave (WTF?) by wayyyy too many “Americans” (or whatever the F we are now - Freedom and Liberty don’t describe much anymore).
Kill squads in body armour with automatic weapons, and near total immunity of any of their actions.
“Peace” officers.
This is sick.


“he shot himself in the face”

“wait, still alive?”


“ma’am, we fixed it.”

it’s the best way to legally murder someone: send the Police


“I feared for my safety” and “I acted according to my training” are the old go-tos which will likely get him no charges, or reduced charges.

If he’s fired he’ll just get a job the next town over.

Wash, rinse, repeat for every piece of shit police officer out there until real reforms start getting put into place.


United States Firearm-related death rate per 100K population: 10.89

Australia Firearm-related death rate per 100K population: 0.91 (i.e. less than one)


What can his sister and dispatch have possibly said? ‘He only communicates well or empathizes people who come through both doorways at once!’ ‘He likes mandatives but mix in some bureaucracy in the first things you say.’ ‘If you don’t have 8 grain ammo be sure and hit him fast, he really only responds to stopping power when he’s in bed.’ Good to know about telephones in CT maybe. Hoping for the moment on bodycams where they switch from defibrillator to flashlight/gun combo as well as prestige where they only shot the gun but an unfortunate ricochet also hit the subject.


What the actual fuck is: nobody sends unarmed and unprotected EMTs into a room where a gun has just been fired and is not known to be secured.

I didn’t say that the cops shooting the victim was asinine and abominable. I figured everyone understood that. But you still don’t send unarmed and unprotected EMTs into a room where a gun has just been fired.

You don’t send cops, either. An unarmed mental health crisis expert goes first, with police and EMTs as backup depending on the situation. Sending cops in first is a death sentence for the person in crisis.


In a small department at 2:30 a.m., patrol officers are probably all that’s available anytime soon. You could stand down and wait for an expert to arrive. But when there’s known to be a gunshot victim, sooner is better than perfect. You would send cops, because you need to know right away if the victim needs attention, and if it’s safe to send in EMS.