Quevos are the best keto chips I've found

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I’m a big fan of the Whisps line of cheese crisps.


you didn’t mention what chips you’ve tried to make these “the best” you’ve found. I recommend. the Quest Tortilla style chips. also available from amazon, but also from many shops that sell nutrition supplements.

I buy a lot of these.

I can bake one and break it up for dipping into homemade salsa, or I tear one in half and use each half to wrap a small burger patty with onion, tomato and pickles for a full meal.


Yes, add recos to the thread, I’ll try anything.


These sound like cheesy “meringues”… you could probably make better ones if you had the time (whip egg whites with some tartaric acid until stiff peaks, fold in finely grated cheese, bake at ~275-300F for ~10 minutes, rest for some time, maybe an hour, season with garlic/onions). You’d need to experiment to get the right numbers.

After thinking, then googling, found this page. There’s a good starting point.


I’m seeing results from the 5, 2 diet. That’s where you eat normally for 5 days of the week but for 2 days restrict yourself to 600 calories (500 for women).

The first couple of diet days are tough but once your body adjusts it’s actually quite easy.

On a typical 600 cal day i’ll have a banana for breakfast with half a litre of water. I have lunch as late as possible and will usually have a salad with light dressing. Then a Slimming World dinner. If i’ve done enough walking i can afford a Nakd bar after dinner.

Generally i’ve found calorie counting to be the most successful method for me to lose the beer belly as i’m not as restricted as with other types of diets.

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What is “Rancheros” flavor, exactly?

Huevos rancheros, I’d assume.


i would not use these if staying strictly keto. 5 net carbs per is, while lower than corn or flour tortillas, is still a bit high if you’re staying under 20 net for the day.

these. the tortilla style ones. The regular chip ones have a weirder texture, but the nacho and taco flavor tortilla style changed my life :slight_smile:

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I love Cheetos.


Keto Cups are pretty tasty with some good dark brown maple syrup.

I find the “don’t buy junk food” diet works best. If it isn’t in the house, I won’t eat the party sized bag of chips in a day.

1 tbsp of maple syrup is 13 net grams of carbohydrates. Strict ketogenic diets consume <20g net per day.

oh, hey. Let’s not forget G-D pork rinds. love me some shitty gas station spicy pork rinds. 0 carbs and I love…LOVE MSG :slight_smile:

I have never felt satisfied with shitty gas station pork rinds. I used to always think I ought to like them (I’m the kind of guy who looks for the fattiest pork chops in the supermarket). But I eat a few and go yecch, that’s awful.

But those hipster pork rinds, the kind made by bearded dudes in Brooklyn who grew up listening to NPR? Love them. My favorite:

Also good:

And, in third place for me:

The time has come for these, and it’s fine by me.

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i may have gotten lucky. there for sure are good and bad pork chips. I’ve been suprised with the Aldi spicy boys. Give them a try!

One day I was rummaging through my mother’s fridge and found some fat-free chocolate sorbet. I pulled it out and said “Ma, what’s this? You goin’ soft on me?” She said “That’s great. You just have to pour some heavy cream over it.”

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Were they so good that you had to show us the empty bag?

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sold. :wink: haha, seriously though, i appreciate the real review.
i’ll likely check these out, looking for a high protein chip.

cheetos are delicious and I love them too, but keto they ain’t.