R2-D2 anglepoise lamp


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Uses 40w max incandescent Type A bulb or 13w max compact fluorescent

Not even LED.

(also, where’s the rest of the droid?)


I think i’d prefer a death star version, or one of the imperial destroyers. Pew pew


That’s not the diode you’re looking for?


No I’ve got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.


Yes but does it contain the plans for the new Imperial battle station?


To me it looks like they dismantled R2-D2 to make a frikkin lamp, not cool.


the problem with CFL and LED lights is if the heat can’t get away eventually the electronics will fail unless it’s a very good not pushed to the limit design (I.E. not chinese cheapy)


Kings Row, I’d imagine.


I wanted to pronounce it French. I think it would mean “British posture”.


Nah, I would think here:

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