Raccoon with head stuck in peanut butter jar rescued from top of hydro transformer


Oh come on, I think we’ve all been there…


Sounds like Rocket has one hell of a party last night.

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I’m thinking the raccoon, being desperate, was gonna try and jump off the pole head first in an attempt to break the jar


Damned. Beat me to it.

How dare they open a space racoon’s helmet on an uncharted planet. Her eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets!


Makes me think of this scourge in the Corgi world - food bags - http://mycorgi.com/forum/topics/food-bags-can-kill

Time to send the peanut butter packaging people for a visit to Yoplait:
Yoplait Yogurt Cups Redesigned for Skunk’s Protection

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Must be a viral marketing stunt for Guardians of the Galaxy.

I bet some linemen were very glad that they got the raccoon down before it shorted something and they had to retrieve a high-voltage raccoon-kebab/plastic fire hybrid and then clean off their equipment.


For those of you not from Ontario, “Hydro” is what we call electrical service here, since the power company is called Ontario Hydro. It’s named as such because we get most of our power from hydroelectric sources.

So, the power bill is called “The hydro bill” and whatnot.

“Hydro transformer” is the best combination of two words I’ve ever seen. I love it. Hydro transformer.

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This Raccoon reminds me of my cousin.

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