Racist anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton says none of his old pals want to talk to him anymore

Sounds like he’s been dropped like a…

Well what do you know, I can’t think of an appropriate metaphor.


And probably Blind Faith as well.

Though that’s not necessarily a knock against him. I respect more people who surround themselves with people more talented than themselves, as opposed to people who feel threatened by that.


Also the second best guitarist in Derek and the Dominos by a mile.


Racist? A guy whose hits were mostly were written by black folks?

Pat Boone is rolling in his grave at the thought.


He covered it and that’s the cover my mom likes.


My there’s such a lot of flotsam and jetsom on the turning tide. I don’t buy recorded music anymore and while I may not agree with his opinions I still like Clapton’s music. I have no need to jump on the bandwagon of changing public opinion. FWIW Ginger was no saint (and he let everybody know it - unashamedly). Jack Bruce was masterful. Clapton was no slouch. For the record he is not on this record - but George Harrison is.


whose creative peak was playing backup guitar to Jack Bruce’s bass


Well played. Ginger Baker was a beast on drums as well, but unfortunately an asshole in his own right.


When Eric left the Bluesbreakers the record producer asked “Where’s Eric?” John Mayall replied, “we got someone better” Enter Peter Green.


whose creative peak was playing backup guitar to Jack Bruce’s bass in the late 1960s

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This is the wisest, most true thing about YT…I have also found a lot of interesting things but for some reason, I never get the full course of radicalization that some seem to.


George Harrison loved him and so does Winton Marsalis, so I think we can safely say he is an excellent musician. I also think it’s unlikely that he is a racist. A former drunk asshole, and now just plain asshole is I think much more likely. Its fair to question whether we should “cancel” artists who fail outside of their art. I’ve chosen not to because I would lose too much art that I love. But these guys don’t make it easy. I’ll listen to his guitar work and ignore and ridicule his medical options.


Well… I learned a couple unfortunate truths today.

details being disillusioned with the government during Brexit

The fucking people voted for Brexit, you wanker! Though, I guess it was the governments fault for ever giving them a chance to vote on it :confused:

I just had to put an acquaintance on mute for 30 days for posting every time someone has had a reaction to the vaccine. I should just cut ties, but I feel like I should keep tabs on some people like this to, like, know WTF they are doing. I regret doing that earlier last year for the same reason.


It’s a bit of an aside, but the Clapton story reminded me of a Robert Jr. quote from John Sinclair’s “21 Days in Jail” which is “white people always did like the blues, they just didn’t like the people who created the blues”

“21 days in jail” is the story of Robert Jr. Lockwood, stepson of Robert Johnson (who Clapton made a mediocre tribute album for in 2004). Around 1935 Robert Jr. and Sonnyboy Williamson (the better one) were jailed for 3 weeks by a local sherriff in north Mississippi to make them perform for white locals every day and them took them back and put them in a cell at night.


Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands… So where are you? Well wherever you all are, I think you should all just leave. Not just leave the hall, leave our country … I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country. Listen to me, man! I think we should send them all back. Stop Britain from becoming a black colony. Get the foreigners out. Get the ***s out. Get the ****s out. Keep Britain white …

Yeah, that’s the sort of thing I say when I’m drunk. /s


Beware of Mr. Baker is IMO one of the best music documentaries ever made, because it’s not a hagiography as most of them are.


His most famous song is more about his son falling 50 stories to his death. It’s a good song - he’s super talented.

No one gives Bowie a shit because he was a paedo. Clapton can be a twit like any other artist, people are flawed.

Nobody’s cares until they do. Bowie gets a lot of slack.


No one gives Bowie a shit because he’s dead.


My Spanish comes in handy when these cranky old white asshole’s open their mouths:

Shut that BISHOP!