Racist Congressman blames recent Ohio train derailments on diversity (video)

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Dude, did you know they actually took time out from their busy office schedule to throw a birthday party for Wilma in accounting? And the guys doing maintenance in the yard were allowed to take bathroom breaks! Insanity.


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See, the thing is, Mike, some people don’t have to stop working on one problem to handle another. This is because they have more than the two brain cells it apparently takes to become a state representative these days.


He should be given the choice of driving two trucks filled with gas through a treacherous mountain pass. One has old shoddy brakes that aren’t inspected regularly. The other has excellent new brakes that are inspected regularly, but the company that owns it has non-cis non-white people working there.



he’s not dumb.

if anything, he’s clever enough to find a paper thin earwom that protects the company and furthers his racist agenda. those kinds of talking points when taken up by the republican establishment often manage to bend the whole arc of our country ( see also, alito supreme court, abortion; and trans kids playing sports )

the conclusion of his logic: that we only need let wealthy white men alone and everything will be fine is even really the stated premise of the current gop ( and much of the country’s history )

we tried it, and it caused misery and hardship for all. diversity is more resilient than monoculture, and is better in the long run for everyone involved.


Make sure that they take pride in doing a good job, because it would be very tempting to “accidentally” introduce a few faults in there.


I must express my amazement that a walking sack of shit can speak that articulately or (dog) whistle so well.


So, is Norfolk Southern about to throw a “diversity hire” under the train?


I don’t think modern roller bearings need greasing.


Collins squeezed the 2 rules of republicanism into one moronic, bigoted sentence: 1) corporations are to be worsipped as infallible and 2) all bad things are the fault of minorities or LGBTQ

If only he was just a state rep. But this racist moron is a US congressman.


They do, but with the blood of the working class. Apparently.


MAGAs got to MAGAT.

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The important word being “modern” which according to the rail industry means “19th century”.


In this case it also means “permitted on interchange service.” Basically, for the last 50-60 years, roller bearings are the only ones allowed to be used on any railroad car that might be used on another railroad. And that’s pretty much everything, with the possible exception of a few specialized ones used to maintain the track. I’d bet by now even those have roller bearings simply due to the lower maintenance and modern inexperience with maintaining “rag soaked in grease” journal bearings.


Modern bearings come in three types- open, shielded, and sealed. Open bearings still require manual greasing and occasional repacking. The wheel bearings in your car, for example, are of this type. Sealed bearings are greased once for life and are sealed up with gaskets. They aren’t serviceable and generally used in less demanding applications. Anything that is maintenance-free will always be lighter duty. There are no free lunches in mechanical design. Shielded bearings are a cost saving compromise between those two.

The answer to “what kind are used in railroad rolling stock” is actually complicated. A single freight car wheel bogey axle has close to a dozen different bearings in it. Some are sealed, some are not, depending on load and accessibility in the assembly. There’s a mix of roller, tapered roller, and angular contact types. This is all just for the simplest case.

As with all things in modern life, it’s more complicated than people think it is, none of which matters to disingenuous political hacks trying to score cheap political points with their fascist base.


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