Train carrying GOP lawmakers crashes with trash truck, killing one and injuring others


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No comment.


The Lord’s smiting skills are just not what they used to be.


The one casualty was most likely the truck driver.


So GOP is now Literally a Train wreck?


"Train carrying GOP lawmakers crashes with trash truck"
How in the hell can you tell which one is the trash truck?


Clearly now is not the time for divisive sympathy for fellow human beings. My hopes and prayers go out to the metaphor that gave its life for cheap cynical laughs.


“Snakes on a Train”


But the free market was supposed to disincentivize train crashes. Where’s our market solution? If only there’d been less regulation this wouldn’t have happened.



Obligatory: What did that train know about Hillary Clinton?


It does feel like we’re being dared to say something like “I hope the garbage is OK”




Maybe her emails were on it and he was bringing them to light.


I’m calling bullshit. Republicans hate trains more than they hate school lunches. Trains are socialism!

Or maybe they were fleeing the party.


They’ve been voting against transportation infrastructure funding for years – if they hadn’t, that train would’ve been going much faster and more people would’ve died. The GOP must have time travelers.

Maybe we ought to re-frame the issue as “Mussolini, the father of Modern Fascism, liked trains and made them run on time.” Cue the Glorious American Rail Transportation Renaissance!


Oh and also “Trains run on Clean Coal™…”


+1 internet!


In a ‘life stranger than fiction’ moment, I wonder if Rita Mae Brown will be using this as fodder for a new book.


They may hate socialism, but every Republican enjoys a good shag on a train!


There has to be a ‘Atlas Shrugged’ joke here.


Are you saying it might have been about ready to… blow the whistle?