Rainbow lights replace pride flag banned by HOA

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I think it looks very appealing. Bravo for their creative thinking!



HOA, the hive of villainy and scum, stay far away lest you be its next victim.



It certainly is pretty.

I kinda see the point of an HOA making the rule, I don’t wanna look at Trump flags either. There is some nut who flies a Confederate flag near my Aunts house.

But - at the same time:


Scanning a blue laser horizontally seems like it qualifies. Have some fun with the blue lives matter flag desecration squad?

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Well played, guys; well played. Also, it looks pretty darn awesome to boot.


Beautiful. Reminds me of the time I was most proud of the Obama administration. It really felt like the People’s House for a moment.

Michelle talks about this in Becoming in a really beautiful way. I believe it was the moment she snuck out onto the grounds with one of the girls without telling anyone just to be with the people as much as possible in a historic moment.

  • “In order to work here you must sign this NCA¹ [slides paper over desk]”
  • “But this is nuts! it says I can’t work for any other biotech within a hundred miles for 25 years of current employment²”
  • “[shrug] you don’t have to work here…”

Years later it was pointed out that this violated all sorts of state/constitutional rights; but NCAs have never been ‘brought to the court’. Somehow, it feels likely that most HOAs are also: "‘laws’ because they’ve never been legally (that is, expensively in a general sense), contested -sigh-

_1. non-compete agreement/contract
_2. really, that’s what it said


I’m not sure I’ve seen anything that embodies the “in groups that are protected but not bound vs. out groups that are bound but not protected” philosophy more than the articles I read about American HOAs.

I used to wonder why you don’t get “but ma FREEDOMS!” people complaining about HOAs, but now I understand it’s because those people are the in group.


I’m not jazzed about the money I spend on HOAs, and I’ve only come up against the rules once, because I misread them, but I’m not sure how you make sure people in your community are good neighbors without at least some rules. I think most of those rules are overly draconian, drafted by small people who think their small amount of power will make them feel larger, but I’m glad my HOA looks out for people who would make my neighborhood less pleasant to live in. Guess that makes me a monster.


Depends on what you define as pleasant to live in. Does the color of your neighbor’s roof really have an effect on your happiness? Or seeing their car in the driveway, or their laundry hanging on a line? Personally, I’d rather see a trump sign and know who is an asshole and idiot in my areas than be blindsided by faux niceness.


that photo still brings tears of joy and pride to my eyes, for all sorts of reasons.


If you ever have any questions about the duality and mental dissonance of American culture, laws or debates, this is always the answer.

Me too.



People who’d tolerate an HOA are the kind who would make a neighborhood less pleasant to live in for me. Just like I wouldn’t want to spend eternity in an afterlife that has born-again Christians in it. Yuck.


The rule of law works in most of the world. Not some made up stuff from the local Karens and Kens.


Don’t worry, you won’t.

“For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (pronounced “Two Corinthians” now per Dear Leader)


I would say buy a house that isn’t in an area with an HOA, but then you have the city’s Code Compliance department to deal with.

(admittedly, I need to get a sprinkler system installed in the front yard, but that’s going to also require me to either run power to the timer unit, or run a water line to the front yard where there is power…)


I don’t think it’s a completely foreign concept over here in Blighty (we have gated communities in some particularly affluent parts of the country where I’d imagine such rules exist), but I’ve never come across anything quite the same as HOAs in the States. There’s certainly no such rules that I’ve been made aware of in the area where I own my flat. And nor in any of the places I’ve lived before.
So it’s more than possible to live a life without them.


The vast, vast majority of humanity gets by just fine without HOAs. I also disagree with the premise that HOAs necessarily make people better neighbors. If anything they empower the kind of people who want to do things like “silence expressions of support for LGBTQ equality.”