Rainbow lights replace pride flag banned by HOA

Could the “Hipster’s Kiss” replace the “Chef’s Kiss”? Time will tell.


I think I’d be happy with my HOA if it stuck to taking care of the common areas and trash removal. It requires some level of organized cooperation to maintain playgrounds, sidewalks, etc. I’d be even happier if the common areas were the county’s problem, too, but that’s not how they do things here.


It looks like some Bob Ross cosplay, but who knows.


TIL I can punish my neighbors by cultivating a stinky roof


As my retirement gig, I run the financials, maintenance, and the what nots of 5 HOA’s. It’s my job to keep the real martians off the Board of Directors, but now and again one slips through, and mayhem ensues. Pity me not, I run them to ground before they do it to me.


I’m sure in some cases, they are one and the same. :grinning:


That lighting looks really good. Very impressive.


Just let the thatch rot in place!

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The reason his flag was ordered taken down was the HOA created a new rule.

Won’t this lighting loophole almost certainly fall prey to the next HOA meeting?

This is but a brief victory against the powers of literal darkness.

For every HOA loophole ∂ you can find, there exists
a more restrictive HOA rule ε > ∂ such that ε cancels out ∂, for all ∂.
The limit of free expression in a HOA, as ∂ —> ∞, is therefore 0.


A group of Karens is known as an HOA.

Just sayin…


Yes, because HOA’s are founded and steeped in racism. There are still HOA’s out there with “no black people allowed” clauses in their covenants. Not technically enforced of course… technically.


Next up, window stickers (not covered by the covenant).

When that is added… bumper stickers on the car.

When that is added… the kids draw it in chalk on the driveway.

When that is added… paint my actual car rainbow colors.

When that is added… (go on, insert your own here, you folks are creative)

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same. i am the proud father of a gay man. his husband is like another son to me. and i fucking hate homophobia with all i’ve got. and also that house looks beautiful.


Right, sure, but I could not, for the life of me, find an affordable house without dealing with an HOA. They are just nowhere to be found in this area. And the types of things people get cited for (usually just warned, maybe a small fee if they don’t get the hint) are obviously bad things like not cleaning up after their pets or leaving garbage everywhere, or parking where they’re not supposed to, blocking emergency paths. I don’t know if an HOA is the best way to handle these, instead of doing it yourself or involving authorities. I just don’t like being told I’m a bad person for doing something as apparently heinous as tolerating an HOA.

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“Complaint”. The collective noun is “complaint”.


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I lived in a house without an HOA. A neighbor four doors down kept an enormous boat and trailer under an orange tarp in front of his garage for 50 weeks a year. Another neighbor kept parking a motorcycle on his front porch. Another guy two blocks over was a paving contractor. He paved his entire back yard and stored his dump trucks there. None of this was disallowed by the city, and you could make a case that the city shouldn’t be interfering with private property. If you hate HOAs and like waking up to the sound and smell of dump trucks every morning, I can point you to a neighborhood (close to metro!) in Rockville, MD.

You shouldn’t have to string 110/220 or reroute the water. Put the timer close to the power, and put the valves next to the water, then you run a low-power sprinkler wire to the valves from the timer.

I’ve got a timer in the garage out back, with wires running to the valves out front.

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