🌈 Unicorn Chasers 🌈


So I was in another thread about cops shooting someone and I felt that this would be an excellent time for a permanent unicorn chaser thread. Please post the cute, the funny, and the beautiful only.

Men's rights meltdown at McDonalds

I’m in.


It would be very easy for me to fill this thread with ponies. But admitting you have a problem is the first step… :slight_smile:

This is a critter. It’s a real thing. It exists in this world. And it’s awesome.




Nope; right on time.

Have a Professor Badass image, because every post is even better with Professor Badass.


How about the B-52s at sunset? They’re a happy band! :sunglasses:


Bianca Del Rio approves.







Dunno if my eyes are going, or I need more (or maybe less) meds. All I’m getting is


Hmmmm, can I re-post some chasers I’ve posted before?

Until then, here’s a little somethin’…


Ahhh, this image brings me back to the days of broadcast TV. Not sure why you’re seeing garblygook, but I would advise not hitting your monitor.



I will never, ever, ever get sick of seeing this GIF. Truly ‘a wonderful thing’.



OK. I’ll hit the bottle instead. It should all come back into synch at some point.

In the meantime…


Oh yes! Hooman pets!