Raising funds for a sensible guide to cannabis regulation


Why not just ask Doctor/Professor Nutt? Or burn your money. I mean either tactic is just as effective as this.

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“What if we gave the politicians a pamphlet?”
“A pamphlet? …THAT’S IT!”

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Yeah, you’re absolutely right! Let’s just not bother trying to do anything, because that’s the best way to change things for the better. Certainly presenting Politicians with the undisputed scientific facts on drugs won’t have any effect on them at all!

I was going more along the lines of; don’t repeat what has happened before and expect a different result. Change the parameters, make the change you want to see and son’t just wish for miracles. If you have a problem with the ignorance in politics don’t let them revel in their ignorance. Make a noise, make changes or at the very least show them that they are doing the wrong thing. But giving them something from an outside organisation that when it came from a government run independent think tank lead to those involved being fired, the data ignored and the opposite policy pushed through… a waste of money and effort.

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