Raleigh-Durham, I'm headed your way! (CORRECTED!)

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Well then. Would’ve been great to come, but 25 hr notice is not doable for coming from (a few hours) out of town.
Guess I should have been checking Cory’s appearances page more frequently. Oh well, maybe next time. Maybe summer of 2033?

Chapel Hill is neither Raleigh nor Durham.


Sorry you can’t make it! I also announced it last week: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/21/sfresistance.html

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If Flyleaf at 7 as you say, or at 6 as their website says? Sorry I can’t make the UNC lecture, but I’ll be working.

FYI Local travel tip: no one around here calls it “Raleigh-Durham.” They are entirely separate cities. You’re either in Raleigh, or Durham, or, in your case, neither. You’ll be in Chapel Hill.


I recommend subscribing to Cory’s mailing list: http://www.ctyme.com/mailman/listinfo/doctorow

(He sent out a message about it several days ago, April 21.) I hope you’re able to find a way to make it out there!

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Damn, missed the announcement last week and there’s no way I can make it out to Chapel by 6. @VirtKitty is right, they’re far enough that they’re not the same: if you live in Raleigh you tend to not go to Durham and vice versa. Chapel exists only for UNC so nobody ever goes there :smiley:


Great speech, Cory. Thanks so much for coming to the Triangle again! Quick question there wasn’t time for me to ask (though the last questioner kind of did): are you aware of any organizations or resources which evangelize and help popularize companies which use Ulysses Pacts, warrant canaries, etc. to proactively vow not to eventually become bad actors?

One more: you said something like “half-smart regulators are still victim to metaphor debt, thinking we can make computers which won’t run things manufacturers don’t like.”

What chance do you think that this might be underestimating the regulators (or just some of the key players, like Ajit Pai) and that they actually understand this and are colluding with manufacturers who speak the common language of money or power? If that may be a thing, how might it be effectively countered by the collective public?

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