Rambo returns for Last Blood and guess who he'll be fighting


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She’ll kick his butt.


Is it just me, or does this make it sound like Stallone is going to get all armed to the teeth, strap on a GoPro and just go at some ISIS dudes… Greenlight!


I see this and what is the first thing I think of?

Let’s hope they research the ‘good’ guys better this time.



Hollywood watching 101 - if they start hyping the movie before they actually have a script, you know it’s going to be a lousy movie.


“…scouting Iraq and parts of Syria?” Way off base, guys. Everyone knows HQ is in New York City.


My guess was way the fuck off.I figured grossly enlarged prostate or perhaps those evil bastards at Depends.


This is not true. It’s already been debunked.


Maybe he could fight his Mujahideen partner from Rambo 3 to help. Supposedly he was based off of Osama Bin Laden.


Who cares about Rambo?

Is The Expendabelles happening?


War never changes.


I was going to say; this is the same clown who told Al Franken that he wouldn’t go on USO tours with him because he thought that it was too dangerous.


Watch John Rambo takes on his toughest challenge


I’m pretty sure that was called “Rambo” and it was about an unemployed drifter who was run out of town by locals who didn’t want veterans hanging around their downtown. As a result he defends himself and doesn’t kill anyone in an attempt to be left alone.


It was called First Blood, no?


Oh, yeah. Yes. Because First Blood Part II was where it went off the rails.


It’s funny to note (in that tragic, entirely non-funny way) that both of Stallone’s vehicle franchises have basically the same arc. They start with a genuinely good story about an outcast blue-collar American, and quickly degenerate into jingoistic fantasies about beating up foreigners.


For the record, Rocky did take 4 movies to get there, and in the end is actually about maybe we don’t have to hate each other so much.

Maybe he learned a thing or two about what was big box office along the way…


If anyone should be fighting ISIS it is Lou Gosset Jr.