Random nude man jumps into Toronto aquarium with sharks


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Hey…everyone has their own kinks. Don’t judge.


I think I saw his pee pee?


please…Its 2018. Weenus TYVM.


Surely this is relevant to this conversation…


Is Toronto Man vying with Florida Man now?


Some people might think he is a weirdo, but I think he sounds like a decent chum.


Aquatic mooning?


My Google-fu is weak today.
I can’t find a clip or pic of the scene in Analyze This where Dr Sobel gets thrown in the shark tank.


Relax, this is just Sherlock Holmes (Elementary) performing a stunt so he can get information from Everyone.


This sounds more dramatic than it probably was. Sand tiger sharks are kind of lazy and not particularly dangerous to humans. They’re one of those shark species that can breathe without moving forward, so they mostly lay around on the bottom during the day.



Wow this makes my bucket list seem so boring…


I’m intrigued by the word “random”. If he made the decision for a nude man to go in the aquarium, then it couldn’t be described as “random” that he assigned the task to himself. The implication is that someone else made the decision, and I think that’s who we should be asking questions about.


What you did there, see it I do :+1: :+1:


In general, most smallish sharks are not going to see you as food anyway. I used to dive quite a bit. They look bigger underwater than they actually are, so the first few times you see one, you think “OMG a shark,” but they ignored me. But I did know someone who said he did a long ascent after spearfishing, carrying his catch, with a shark tagging along behind him. That is not smart IMO: I would have let the fish loose.


Just got off the phone with my friend who visited Toronto this weekend and swears it wasn’t him.


Otherwise known as “Troy McClure Syndrome”


"You might remember me from such movies as ‘Sea World’ and ‘Free Willy’ "


and he had an accomplice, too, because the news report i saw earlier said that he got out and a woman who was nearby handed him his clothes. it definitely was a planned bit of culture-jamming, or something.