Random video Thursday -- Zizek and West

I think this is from a while ago, but I had no idea that this ever happened!

So, now I’m curious–which public intellectuals are you guys partial to. I like both of these guys.

2 hours?

“… and sho on, and sho forth …”

I can’t do it.

West and Zizek both seem OK, or at least have their good qualities, but I haven’t even read the Greeks, or any other philosophy, so I have no foundation; I don’t feel qualified to make any judgement. I watched the film Manufacturing Consent in my twenties (quite different from the book, I’m told.) I was rooting for Chomsky for a while but now I know I was just that guy who heard the Beatles once and went out and bought the t-shirt and won’t shut up about them, so I had to quit being that guy. I should crack a book, but I don’t even keep up with music and film anymore, which used to be my areas of expertise. Defensively, I add that most people are introduced to philosophy through school but I never had any in my curricula.

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