Rapper B.o.B claims American slavery never existed


This guy sounds like he wants to be the alt-right’s favorite rapper


I can’t tell if he’s dumb as rocks or just likes stirring up controversy. It makes me embarrassed that I liked some of his earlier music.


^same same same


Wow. Uncle Ruckus.


755797wants publicty,
755797says idiotic things, gets publicity.


This fool will say pretty much anything for attention; he also claims to believe the earth is flat.


maybe we can get him to jump off the edge then?




I often wish willful stupidity was lethal to those afflicted with it.


It rarely is. It really seems like a survival trait, sadly.

And that’s not me being abelist. I’m all for creative, positive stupidity. Like assuming we really could all get along nicely. If we could get rid of the stupidity.

Did I just… Oh. Damn.

(FTR, I don’t want to talk about that arse. He can shut his hole.)


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