Rare footage of Dr. McCoy touring the sets of Star Trek: The Next Generation (video)

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He was a guest star in the pilot episode back in 1987 so surely that wasn’t his first time on set?


Majel Barrett reprised her role as the computer voice for a short segment in the turbolift.

plus, of course, Troi’s sweet mumsy (~6 times as Lwaxana for TNG and a few for DS9)


That Gates outfit is perfect late 80’s. Plus all that hair…man I miss the weird excessiveness of the 80’s sometimes.


I think the “short segment” they were referring to was voicing the computer for this short mini-documentary. She actually did the voice of all the Federation starships’ computers for the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and most of the movies. Plus several other roles including Number One, Nurse Chapel and the voice of a catlike communications officer in the Animated Series.


Which, naturally, led to a couple of instances where she ended up talking to herself.



It’s Majel Barrett’s galaxy. The rest of us are just living in it.


I liked the content of the video, but boy that AI “remastering” looks like garbage.


Fixed your link


Yes, but notice he didn’t say it was the first time. :man_shrugging:

You would have looooved the 70s.

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I always liked that they did that, but it never made a lot of sense to me. McCoy would have been 137 years old in that episode. Maybe it’s common for humans to live that long by then, but damn…he was pretty spry for 137.


star trek roleplay GIF by Alpha

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As explicitly confirmed in his dialogue with Data.

Never seemed too out-of-place to me given that he was a health-conscious medical professional living in the 24th Century who had personally experienced all kinds of mortality-defying adventures, like that time he hung out with a de-aged Zefram Cochrane. Heck, McCoy himself was once violently killed on a vacation planet and subsequently revived without a scratch. Maybe he even spent a couple decades in a stasis chamber along the way; that worked out for Khan!


He’s the doctor, he can reincarnate himself.

She did most of the female voices on TAS, her and Nichelle Nichols were pretty much the only women they cast. Same way James Doohan did most of the male voices on the show.

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I was about to say that he might be proof that regular use of transporters do have cumulative detrimental effects, but there are lots of people in the 24th Century who are planet-bound and might have used the transporter only as much as 21st Century humans get x-rays in a given lifetime.

Sometimes I wonder if the first person to hit 200 has been born yet.


Scotty held a Federation record for most time spent in the transporter and he was still pretty spry at age 147.

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Hasn’t that been broken by Dr. M’Benga’s kid yet?

ETA: (Thinking about it, it’s likely not 75 years yet, though people are living longer in the Star Trek future. But, we’re quite a long time into the future if you consider the latest journey of the Discovery, and we don’t know when the younger M’Benga is ever freed from the stasis, do we?)

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Nut Sure. It’s either them or Professor McProfessorface.