Rare LEGO piece found at Goodwill sold for $18,000

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Is there some fancy Lego history to this thing?

An ounce of 14k gold costs around $1400, and is probably enough to make more than one of these. I can’t imagine it would take much work to make a mold off a plastic version of the piece.

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Congratulations. There were about thirty of these made back in the day - rare enough that there isn’t really any data on how much they are worth, but they are highly sought after by a few collectors.

That was eleven years ago.

ETA: further discussion says that 32 were made in total, and only five were ever released to the public, so this is one of 32, or one of five, depending on how you count it, and whether Lego kept track of their 27.


That should go a long way in DuBois, Pennsylvania.

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Goodwill isn’t a charity. That money is going to the CEO’s salary.





I heard someone in Goodwill talking about this story, and they said “I’m goona be looking for some Legos today!!”

Which completely ignores that this piece is made of gold, and was found in a bag of jewelry.

Everywhere dumb-asses are going to be going through huge plastic totes of old Lego bricks looking for gold.

Stopped clock?

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