Rashida Tlaib's emotional speech about the Jan 6th attack

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While I agree with Oswalt, he makes the erroneous assumption that any of those three individuals are susceptible to shame, or that any of them have the ability to empathize with a traumatised colleague in such emotional distress.


Republicans are probably not even listening, and probably don’t give a shit.

The GOP has gone off the rails, along with a good deal of their voters. At some point we’ll have to handle them with stronger hands.

After Germany was defeated: The Nazi party was formally abolished on 10 October 1945 by the Allied Control Council and denazification began, along with trials of major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in Nuremberg.

What happened on 6 Jan warrants at least such an investigation and trials. Abolishing the GOP may be appropriate or not depending on discovery, but certainly the removal and barring from government all the Senators and Congressmen that supported and continue to support what happened. ALL OF THEM.


Instead we’re going down the path of what happened in the aftermath of the failed Nazi Beer Hall Putsch of 1923: expressions of deep concern from the liberal establishment, cowardice and opportunism from the conservative establishment, followed by special treatment and lenient sentences for the perpetrators, with the far-right cancer in law enforcement left intact. We may see a new best-selling American fascist manifesto as one of the outcomes of 6 Jan.

We’re in early days, yet.


Hard to “like” that, but I do appreciate your insight, per usual.


Rep Jeffries wore out some shoe leather on some people’s asses.


Rashida is my Rep, and I’m so proud of her and all her great accomplishments!


Yeah, it’s a weird assumption, frankly. It was clear long before Trump that the Republicans had weaponized their total lack of shame into a political asset. It’s doubly true in the (post-)Trump era.

Republicans are listening - and then minimizing or even mocking the fear and trauma being expressed. Even Republicans who were there, and at the time talked about how fearful they were, are now dismissing Democrats who are talking about their own fear.

This isn’t new - they mocked Obama for crying in response to the mass murder of children. This is where their party is. The Republican party is so completely and utterly morally bankrupt.


Yup. Those bastards aren’t immoral, they’re amoral. It’s a complete lack thereof, same with empathy.


I watched this video expecting just another political speech. What I heard instead was genuine, painful human anguish. Regardless of your political beliefs, if you felt nothing when watching this video, I am very worried that you are running around unsupervised.


I’m thinking a ‘why not both?’ gif here would not do this justice. Empathy is very seldom seen in its raw form in political speech which is constructed with a purpose. Emotion is viewed with suspicion in politics except as a target… not a ‘stable’ platform to speak or communicate from.

Watching Tailib’s colleague put their hand on her back in support in silence was so powerful… more of this please.


What I found moving (and an impressive display of empathy) is that it clearly wasn’t performative. AOC stepped up when she felt her colleague/friend needed emotional support but as soon as Tlaib moved into a more forceful part of her speech she stepped away. This wasn’t a preplanned show of unity, she really was just there to comfort her friend.


I agree and this was the gesture I found so powerful!

I didn’t want to broadcast that this was AOC in my comment as I’d like to see this as what empathy looks like, without the noise of analysis…

A pure moment


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