Watch: New Fox ad highlights GOP leaders who spoke the truth after Jan 6 but then ran scared

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Keep playing these sound bites over and over everywhere. Don’t let these assholes forget how they really felt that day.


Surely that would be Lisa or Frink.

If this ad just serves to remind Trump of these betrayals, it’s already worth it.


It’s too long. By the end of it, the average GQP voter will have forgotten the premise.


The establishment Republicans were genuinely disgusted by Trump and more than willing to cut him loose at that point… right up until they saw the poll numbers and realized his popularity with GOP voters wasn’t diminished one whit by the violent insurrection. Fucking cowards know they created a monster and refuse to do a damn thing about it.


Let’s say you were in a cryogenic state or hibernation for a year, and you were seeing these clips for the first time.

Either these guys were lying a year ago or they are lying now when they blame someone other than Trump.

Either way, they are fucking liars.

I am wondering what will happen in 2024 if Trump runs again (as surely he will, if death or lawsuits don’t step in his way)-- will anyone in the GOP even try to run against him? They have built this angry ignorant base and it’s a giant monster they can’t escape.


Why won’t they tell the truth now? They’re Republicans. Republicans for Accountability by definition aren’t familiar with the fable of the scorpion and the frog.

Running on January 6 on Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Hannity.

Who’ll immediately tell lies that neuter any effect the ad might have.


we have heard for almost a year what those republicans said that day. maybe they meant it, maybe they didn’t. it won’t sway one single fox viewer tomorrow when it airs. the other message, that it was a brave, patriotic act and the whole big lie thing, is just too loud and repeated so frequently (on fox) that they can’t possibly process any other thoughts.



“The buck stops here!” – a sign on Harry Truman’s desk.

Trump’s version probably would be “The buck stops anywhere but here!”


At the time I was actually surprised by how quickly the Republican establishment went from horrified to actively complicit. I shouldn’t have been - it really demonstrated their complete and total lack of moral fiber, which should have already been obvious.

Yeah, January 6th was their last chance to escape, and instead they went all-in.

You know they meant it because they immediately backpedalled when they realized their position wasn’t popular.

It’s not just that the lie has been repeated for the last year on Fox, but that even the Republicans who spoke out at the time have been subsequently saying something different. The number of Republican voices who have continued to decry what happened are few enough in number to have been lost in the noise and rejected by the party establishment.

Don’t have to speculate - he said it: “No, I don’t take any responsibility.”

(I like how, at one point, someone asked him a hypothetical about whether he’d take responsibility for something he did if it had a bad outcome, and he first said yes, but then immediately became honest and admitted he’d try to blame someone else. Even as a hypothetical, he couldn’t do the right thing - and he was open about the dishonest ways in which he’d never take responsibility.)


Did… Did he accidentally stumble into a truth?

Yes, as the top dog, if you manage something poorly, you’re responsible. If you choose to neglect it, and it doesn’t go well, you’re also responsible.

I’m calling it quits for today. Not sure my brain can handle something true and actually somewhat insightful coming from the orange shitgibbon.

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“Id be happy to pick up the check! Oh, no, I left my wallet in my other pants. Hey, Rudy, will you get this one?”


That Tweet was just an aphorism from 2013 that he was trying to apply to Obama.

Obviously it does not apply to him because his “leadership” position had been “stolen” from him.

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So yeah, accidentally stumbled into a truth. Figures.

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