Ray Harryhausen's "Little Red Riding Hood" stop motion animation

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This is amazingly good stuff. Harryhausen puts a lot of effort into giving the human characters natural gestures and movement. The wolf is less satisfying because his expression never changes. However I like when he runs along the banister with his forelegs hanging over. Nice touch.

It’s funny how thoroughly 1950s the narrator’s voice is. Interesting how different time periods have had different “standard” narrative styles.I’d say today there isn’t a single accepted narration style, but there are numerous cliche deliveries, like the upbeat (usually female) voice on the home-remodelling shows; the suppressed urgency of wildlife show narrators; and the Voice of Doom used in movie trailers, reality crime shows, and political ads.


The 30s through (perhaps) the late 50s pretty much qualified as the golden age of stop-actio-animation. Here’s a little taste of Starevitch’s exquisite 'Le Roman de Renard"; I love the motion-blur he introduced:


… and then Little Red Riding Hood released the Kraken, and the wolf was no more…


Before opening the player, I saw the gif. Following the tracking of her eyes - is this a porn?


That’s fantastic. Even better than harryhausen imho. The breathing movements of the characters chests, the subtle facial animation. Wonderful

I know! Ya gotta love the look-of-longing expression on the face of the lioness when being wooed. Priceless. Starevitch’s stuff deserves to be restored; still looking.

Nice! I didn’t know that Harryhausen made a version of LRRH.
Although I must say that IMO the best and tallest Little Red Riding Hood will always be John Cleese.

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