RC fighter planes land on an RC aircraft carrier


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Everyone knows F-22’s don’t have VTOL capabilities!

F-35 or Harrier sure, but that’s just cheating.


Next: RC Godzilla overtakes carrier.


Quadrotor Plops onto Oblong Raft didn’t have the same ring to it.


Yeah, I was prepared to be blown away by a feat I thought pretty much impossible, i.e. regular fixed-wing aircraft kinda landings. VTOL is still impressive, I guess, but not quite what I was hoping to see.


Nice boat though…


Now that’s an anime cut.


Those landings remind me of every commercial jet landing I’ve experienced at Burbank airport… Best pilot comment “thanks for dropping in with us today”


Can someone please confiscate YouTubers’ “epic” VSTs?

Even then, pretty sure the pilot at 2:10 bought the farm and took a few flight deck crew with him/her.


Yeah i saw the arrestor cable and thought cool, then they flew a quadcopter instead :(.


Yeah, I don’t think of a quadcopter dressed up like a plane as an “RC fighter plane.” But a real RC plane would have required a much bigger boat…


Just from reading the headline, I figured the planes would not be in the same scale as the boat. By the time you’d built a boat to scale with those planes, you no longer have a serious RC habit, you’d now have a serious boating habit!


Kids these days…


Somebody said it did have an arrestor cable/wire. So you’d just need to put the back of the plane down at the right spot(s), then be prepared to go-around. With a good plane (not foam) and a good pilot I think its doable, possibly with a few goes at each landing.

The arrestor hook would be fairly simple to actuate with a servo.


over dramatic music is over dramatic


On the plus side, at least it’s not set to O Fortuna.


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It’s Youtube. Fuck knows why anyone ever enables the comments to start with. :confused:


HUh… I have comments enabled on My Youtube channel/Videos and I have had only one issue.
Guess some of it might have do with click baity titles but, that would be a guess.


Expensive though, given that the first 10 or 20 planes are going to get wrecked, plus not insignificant damage to the boat