Read Amy Coney Barrett's opening statement ahead of her Supreme Court nomination

They will not.

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I don’t think the Republicans are really going to get rid of Roe v Wade, when it’s such a handy rallying cry for the religious right.
They had no problem passing bills to get rid of Obamacare too when they knew Obama would veto, but haven’t been able to manage it since he left office.

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It’s meant to deliberately ignore the tremendous change in how civil liberties are viewed under the 14th Amendment. Essentially pretending it never existed.

It’s a known fact that if you take away the wedge issue you no longer have a wedge to drive between voters.

Doesn’t mean they still can’t make odious decisions that make life difficult for people. There’s also the idiom of the camel’s nose under the tent.

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Oh they’re going to try @PartTimeZombie. They’re going to try.

Almost as if framers themselves weren’t “originalists” and left things open for interpretation understanding that there would be things that would happen in the future that they couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Almost as if America was meant to be a work in progress to continually be built upon. There’s a reason the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill is unfinished. There’s a reason the constitution was amended 17 times after its ratification in 1790: it’s a living document, not the immutable word of God.

But to these people they just want to support their agenda and if something some dead white dude wrote some 250 years ago fits their narrative, so be it.

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They are. Because in some states, it’s practically impossible to access this kind of reproductive care already.

Let’s not be glib about human rights here.

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Let the Record Show: Amy Coney Barrett Draws Scrutiny for Ruling Saying ‘N-Word’ Doesn’t Prove a Workplace Is Hostile


You might be right, but Roe v Wade is a such a great tool for winding up their people, that there’s value in not actually doing anything about it…

Given that thousands, if not millions of women right now have already lost access to this fully legal procedure, they mean what they say. They want to make women second class citizens once again. It would be nice if people would take that attack on our rights seriously.


the one opportunity they had during the 115th congress (2017-2019) was defeated because senator john mccain voted against repealing it. there was no opportunity for them to do so in the current 116th congress because the house became majority democratic.

because of rulings by the supreme court a straight repeal of roe has been impossible without action by the supreme court first. however, states have taken enough “wiggle room” from more recent opinions to eliminate most women’s ability to get an abortion. another reason to elect democrats all down the line.

i really can’t say it any better than this.

let me just add that with barrett replacing ginsburg this will make gorsuch the median vote on the supreme court with roberts as one of the “liberals”. this is going to be incredibly bad for the reproductive health rights of half of americans.


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