Real estate agent fined $20,000 for secretly chugging milk from carton in homeowner's fridge (video)

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He was parched and he couldn’t drink some water?! There is a faucet right there. Even if there are no glasses it’s easy to cup one’s hands to drink.
Or use a damned glass?!

20k is mighty steep. But he’s probably done worse and wasn’t recorded


Since this happened in Canada, I know that someone will make a comment about bagged milk.

Bagged milk is only sold in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. This happened in BC and western Canada doesn’t have bagged milk.


Oh careful. Last time I mentioned that here, I got dogpiled by people all over Canada who say they have it. I’m sure it’s true, but in my entire life living in Alberta and BC, I never saw bagged milk. So not common, but apparently it does exist everywhere. :woman_shrugging: My local grocery store doesn’t carry it.


About a decade ago I had an open house to sell my condo. An agent drank some of my scotch and then used my mouthwash. Wish I’d had a security camera so I could have exacted justice.



Yall just leave it in the bag?

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If it were just about the milk that would be a bit high; but as an “agent discovered stealing from principal without apparent compunction” instance it seems on the light side if anything.

When the job description more or less implies undersupervised access to opportunities for self-dealing it’s hard to feel good about even really weaksauce abuse of access.


There are special reusable jugs that everyone in those provinces owns. The bag goes in the jug, you cut the corner off the bag, and presto, weird milk dream fulfilled.

It makes a certain amount of sense- it’s a minimal-packaging kinda thing. There are just enough molecules of plastic needed to transport the milk, then the rest of the “packaging” used to store and consume the milk is all reusable. Not as good as glass bottles, but an interesting idea. I dunno why it caught on in the east but never did in the west though.


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Thanks for the explanation!

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Is there a Canadian bag/carton boundary, like the weißwurstäquator in Germany?


Novel? This is so 1960ies…

I remember them… but if you didn’t had/don’t have them, you didn’t miss out on anything.

Mind you, the idea as such is sound - but in practice…
I would go as far as to postulate that the milk bag is the ekranoplan of food packaging.
Even when you replaced the flimsy plastic jug the dairies handed out
with the fancy Tupperware version.

No matter what, at least one bag in the box would have leaked in transport:
So, spilled milk everywhere, what fun in the summer. To keep the rest of your shopping dry and milk free and to prevent further mishaps on your way home you’d end up sticking the milk bag into a separate plastic carrier bag. At home it would take finely honed skills not to make a mess when cutting a tiny bit of the bag’s edge open.

There are several very good reasons why the thin, wobbly bags were superseded by the sturdy, rectangular Tetra Pak bricks.

Every decade or so somebody tries a revival

but so far with very limited success. Even despite coming up with bags from better material, leakproof, able to stand on their own…


I used to think so, but apparently not? I’ve yet to see a bag of milk anywhere west of Manitoba, but my fellow Mutant Canucks assure me it exists everywhere.

If there is, it’s fuzzy. I’ve never seen one in BC. Furthest west I’ve seen someone using bagged milk in a jug was at a BnB in a town named Canmore, which is in Alberta. That more than 25 years ago, though.

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