Canadian candidate sorry for peeing in coffee cup


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I imagine a quick change of company name will solve that problem pretty handily. I don’t know of many people that would go as far as to Google who the owner of their appliance repair shop is. So hopefully people will keep an eye on him and make sure to attach his name to any future endeavours in the Googles.


“I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my work and the footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person.”

The GOP is exporting its’ shenanigans to Canada now, apparently…


How in the heck does one’s own actions not reflect who they are…

… if your actions don’t represent you then what does? I thought that was the ultimate standard for who a person is.


The NEXT election’s questionnaire for vetting Conservative candidates is going to have some very unusual questions.


As a Canadian I’ve watched the GOP candidates and wondered what was in their coffee.


also, i’ve never bought the defense of “the one time they happened to be filmed was the one time they did something wrong”, the odds are against it. YEAH sure you were perfectly behaved the thousands of times the camera wasn’t filming you!!!


Right? It’s all too easy to imagine that peeing in the nearest container available and then rinsing it a bit, instead of going through “all the time and trouble” of finding and using a toilet, was standard practice for him.


He sounds like a real whiz…


Just like us down here in the good ole USA!

BTW: It’s traced back to the bowl of GOP lead chips they had for breakfast every day when they were youngsters!


“I take great pride in my work” - I spent years perfecting my urinating in customers’ coffee cups technique without being caught. I assure you that I’ll make every effort to insure I’m not caught again.


yuck yuck yuck


I’m sorry. So, so sorry . . . that I was caught.

I never do this sort of thing. I typically have enough piss that I use a tumbler.


I love the “…does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person…” But, it does, right?..because you did it…and…well, I’m at a loss.


I’ve got a kid in diapers, my idea of appropriate bathroom humor doesn’t always line up with everyone else’s. :slight_smile:


My father in law was Canadian and the Canadian filter in my head I read that as “Sore-ree, eh.”


Canadian candidate sorry for being caught peeing in a coffee cup. FTFY
edit totally missed @VoxInSpatium’s post.


Here he is, with the prime minister:


Oh man, that pic should haunt him!

I love how he’s brandishing that cup like it has some significance. And that it’s blank! The effect would be greatly diminished if it said ‘l <3 shit policy’ or whatever.



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