Canadian candidate sorry for peeing in coffee cup

well at least we know what’s in the cup!

No, your sorry you got caught.

“I deeply regret that I seem to be one of those folks who would commit such an act. I would have it be known that I have always been adamantly opposed to the use of imbibing devices as receptacles of bodily fluids of any kind and I can guarantee the Canadian people that my involvement in this case will not change my position on this key issue.”

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Apparently, his story is that he has/had a medical issue that required urgent peeing. Of course, if that was the case then perhaps the proper response would be “Hey, homeowner, I’m SO sorry but I have a medical issue that required me to pee in one of your cups otherwise I would have peed my pants. I’m super embarrassed, I’ll replace the mug/whatever other thing you require me to do to make up for it.” Not “Well, I’ll dump this piss down the sink and give the mug a quick rinse, that should do it”.


Appliance repair person: “I only do that to people who deserve it”
Politician: “Medical Malfunction”

Frankly, I’d rather deal with the repair person persona in daily business. At least I’d have some idea where I stood and what to expect from them.

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