Real Stuff: "The Strange Saga of Hoggie and the Blossoms"

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That was a fun one. Good story and funky fun art.

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My main beef is that I doubt anyone would have to have a conversation about what “Farmhouse” is, there is a chapter on the U of I campus.

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Still my favorite thing on here. Thanks!


It makes a fun anecdote, but must have been scary at the time to live through. Yeee-haw!

Max reminds me of Milo Minderbinder in Catch-22, only worse.

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It’s not a particularly big or well-known fraternity; especially if someone isn’t part of the Greek system on their campus, they may not even know that there’s a chapter there. (I just found out that there was one at my alma mater, something that I wasn’t aware of thirty-odd years ago when I was there.) Most non-Greeks only become aware of a particular frat’s existence when they get into trouble.

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