Real Stuff: "Yikes! I've Been Drafted!"

I guess it would have been difficult to convince anyone that they weren’t actually infiltrating the US - that’s horrible though.

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Just for the record - this is my favorite comic on here and I’m constantly delighted by it and look forward to every new installment. Ok, that’s it.


Couldn’t that have easily backfired on them? CMIIW, but they would have been back in German hands after Germany took France and could have been shot as deserters, or punished for cowardice.

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It’s too bad that the whole run of Real Stuff will probably never be reprinted on paper, but I know I’m not the only one who’d pay for it online.

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Contact Fantagraphics, the original publisher.

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Dammit, Mister Zappa! Don’t you have any consideration for patriots who suffer from nut allergies?

Really though, how did that peanut butter scheme work? Did they assume he had digestive problems?

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