Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight – Charlotte’s Web

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Worth reading the recent NYT article on origins of the modern CBD industry.

A Hidden Origin Story of the CBD Craze

There’s some interesting criticism of the gentlemen who developed the Charlotte’s Web strain towards the end. Not conclusive of anything, but interesting nonetheless.


I know this is store post but it does give me a good opportunity to honor and remember the girl who the strain is named after. She passed away last month:


I thought the headline meant that the cannabis company was sponsoring “Charlottes Web” the animated film on TV.

This highlights a huge issue that I have with a lot of these neutraceuticals/supplements:

As there’s no FDA oversight, the label often does not match the contents.

This isn’t even going to be a debate over the claimed efficacy of CBD for all the ills it claims to address, but more of a statement that if we assume there’s a medicinal effect, then dosage accuracy is absofuckinglutely of key importance.

As a pharmacology professor once noted: “the only difference between a drug and a poison is dosage”…


preach it!

I’m in a medical state that tests everything, so the CBD I can get at the dispensary isn’t just “Hemp Oil”, it’s “expensive CBD.”

And while that equation could be improved (namely but dropping the price or cheaper testing or etc.) it’s amazing what the real deal can do for a body.


At the Canadian Broadcast Dorkoration, re-shooter of animated Amazing Pig films since…

It’s not Can Bread Domestique if it’s not from the Can Bread Regional Production; otherwise it’s just a sparkling domestic.

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