Real time coffee statistics infographic

It’s not always easy to properly pass on cheapness, and the knowledge that you don’t always get what you pay for. Sometimes kids rebel with a taste for extravagance. We’ve been pretty successful!

I have a lovely little independent coffee bar down the street, but I can’t think of a reason to patronize it other than charity or sociability. It’s certainly not faster to walk the block than the Aeropress.

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But if I pay the person 5bux, then I don’t have to do dishes AND I got a walk.

This guide to coffee terminology never gets old


I’m fortunate in that the indie coffee place near me is owned and managed by a coffee nerd who roasts all the beans and sells them at discount after ten days. Always nice to be able to support a local business, save money, and only have to travel as far as my kitchen for a good cup.

Sounds a little like a macchiato to me.

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What is a Jackson?

Comedy gold!

A macchiato is either espresso marked by cream or cream marked by espresso.

The former is usually just a dab of foam on a shot of espresso, whereas the latter is steamed (not frothed) milk with a shot of espresso thrown on top.

Flat whites are lots of foam.


A proper flat white should have as much foam in it as a macchiato. Which is to say, as little as possible, because that’s what the “flat” refers to. A flat white with lots of foam is just a poorly made cappuccino.


Click the link provided and you only get two countries to explore: US and Australia. So if the infographic is just collating info from one brand of point of sale software in those two countries, it’s heavily skewed and hardly representative of global coffee habits!

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Yep, Australia is pretty much a flat white/latte place, with a few cappuccinos (holdover from the 80s/90s before coffee replaced beer as our national drink). Starbucks came over, opened up an aggressive number of stores then had to close nearly all of them.

I’m told that no one can make a long black for shit around here as well.

Yeah, but isn’t that because they couldn’t compete against McDonalds?

No, there’s a homegrown chain of coffee + syrup shops, they’re still going strong :slight_smile:

Plus McDonald’s have actually started selling half decent coffee, based on the three times I’ve been to a McCafe - I wouldn’t trust the stuff in the main restaurant though.

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