Really not sure about this livestream from Peter Thiel


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Again excellent work @beschizza but is this because you are avoiding other things?





I clicked through just to check whether this was a Beschizza production and not something put out by the Thiel team. Because you never know.

He’s not actually going off on anti-Semitic rants, is he? I’m sure it’s going on somewhere, but now that I think about it there seems to have been a lack of anti-Semitic ranting during this election cycle.

…Oh, there we go.


It’s Halloween all over again…


Wow. Just the screenshot of the initial video frame:

“SJWs (also the actual Jews)”…


“Trumpism, which isn’t crazy”…

It is. Trust me.


Although it would be great if the actual Live Stream event included a Star Wars intro, that was not actually created by Thiel…


It’s amazing that I have to research the jokes to make sure they are actually jokes this election…


Crazy billionaires be crazy, folks.

After all, you don’t get seriously wealthy without a little madness. Or a lot.

unless you made minecraft, of course.


Thiel starts, of course, talking about the fact that he can’t say what he thinks.

No, Petey, you can say what you think. What you can’t do is get instant immunity from people critiquing your sexist and borderline racist antagonism for our democratic institutions.

the rich elite is the problem, ignoring the ugly realities of many American […] “They deny reality and inflate a bubble,”

But of course Petey isn’t one of the rich elite. He’s not a billionaire, he doesn’t have disdain for anyone who isn’t a wealthy white male, and of course he doesn’t live in a bubble like, say, the techno-utopian Silicon Valley. Right?

Peter Thiel pivots on this quickly by noting that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be the one who is more “dangerous” given all her saber-rattling with Russia and such.

Yes, much better to appease Putin, who’s Thiel’s kind of wealthy white male Randian ubermensch.

“We can debate the amount of zeros,” says Peter Thiel of those in Drumpf’s bank account. “But he has a lot.”

So if someone knocked a zero or two off Thiel’s net worth, he wouldn’t mind? What’s a couple of zeros, after all? (I ask as I review my Paypal account).

I could go on, but now I see the real reason he supports his candidate: because Thiel admires him as a much better BS artist and con man than he himself could ever hope to be.



So Peter Thiel is the new Ernst Röhm. Can someone remind me how that turned out the first time around?


I can’t. I just can’t. I’ve got privileged Christian men telling me that they’re voting for Trump and that antisemitism doesn’t exist over the weekend, and now this bullshit.


Billionaire pro-tip: If you’re a billionaire & you need to speak the truth to power, you’re doing it wrong.


Thiel: US politics needs a dose of humility.

Because Thiel and Trump are the apotheosis of humility?


That poor guy. I wonder if he has found a job yet?


Has he burnt through all his money yet? I heard notch lost his shit after he got that cheque.


Forbes (via google) still puts him at 1.33 billion USD. He seems to be doing okay. But he obviously needs a hobby, just like Bill Gates.


Perhaps he will produce a full feature, all about his misadventures with the safe.

I certainly would like to read it.