Rebirth of the Keytar!





I managed 30 seconds of that. Somebody needs a beating.


Pity. I was hoping to see you become a koala bear. I wanted to learn from that.


Is this strictly necessary?


Is anything?

Wait, is this the “questions to be asked” thread?


The SH-101 had a detachable neck (or a ‘modulation grip’, to be precise):


Why do you ask?


Boston, home of Keytar Bear, knows that the keytar never died!


Acoustic instruments are still available.


I’ve performed using my DX100 as a keytar; it has no neck. If it has strap pegs and a keyboard, it’s a keytar in my book. Those tiny keys, tho…


What if it’s a Secret Asian Man?


And, like all other instruments, someone has used them to play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’:


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